The PMA collection is housed at PRONI in Belfast. On this website, you can view a selection of the full-length recordings.

Daphne Scroggie

Armagh Gaol

Daphne Scroggie, who worked as a Prison Officer at Armagh Gaol starting in 1978, revisited the prison for this recording which was made in July 2006. In the recording, Daphne describes the day-to-day working life for prison officers and her memories of various events in different parts of the prison.

Dee and William Stitt

Maze and Long Kesh

Cousins David (Dee) Stitt and William Stitt revisited the Maze and Long Kesh for the Prisons Memory Archive (PMA) project in June 2007. David Stitt and William Stitt were loyalist UDA prisoners at the Maze and Long Kesh Prison from 1994 to 1997. In their recording, they discuss being transferred to MLK and key events that happened during their time there. They describe numerous aspects of everyday life for loyalist prisoners both during and after their imprisonment.

Seamus Holmes

Maze and Long Kesh

Seamus Holmes revisited Maze and Long Kesh in June 2007. In the recording, he reflects on his time as a republican prisoner here in the 1970s and 1980s.